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Starting a small business

In the past, many small businesses have struggled to open the line of credit that they need to finance their new venture. However, the business credit card has now been introduced and this has aided small business owners to make purchases of essential items and aid in the start up and maintenance of their company. The business credit card phenomenon is a fast growing trend, and already substantially more than half of small businesses have a credit card tailored specifically towards them. This is because there are several key advantages and only one, very minor, disadvantage.

The Annual Fee

The disadvantage, if you can call it that, of business credit cards is that there is an annual fee. However, when you start to compare business credit cards you will soon notice that this annual fee is only very small. You should, of course, still pay attention to all fees that may be associated with a particular credit card you are looking at but don’t let the mention of the annual fee prevent you from looking around.

Credit Limits

Any new business venture is faced with sizable costs ranging from the purchase of furniture to office supplies and these costs soon mount up. Business credit cards usually offer a credit limit as high as $50,000 giving you the capital you require to stock your office and make many any other essential purchases. It is very difficult to find this kind of credit limit anywhere else as a new business.

Take advantage of the 0% deals

There has never been a better time to take advantage of these great 0% deals with the big companies fighting for your business. If you’re using the 0% deals for transferring your balance and are intending to use the card after the interest free period, double check the interest rate once the introductory period is over as it may be higher than the card you have.

· Switch your balance to a 0% deal

· Check the APR that will be charged when the 0% deal is over

· Start searching for a new credit card 4-6 weeks before your existing deal runs out

0% deals are great as long as you watch what you are doing. The more cards you have the more chances are of getting transfer balance dates confused, but if you have a good head on your shoulders and are well organized then you will benefit greatly.